1948 Born in Aomori, Japan.
He uses mainly gold leaf, but also leaf in silver and aluminium, acrylic and oil colours, ink on paper, silk, cotton and wood. His work covers a very wide spectrum, ranging from natural representation to minimalist abstraction.
RIN TERADA'S objective is not the creation of the motif, but the artistic expression and the realisation of it.

2011 Nov. Art Fair Montreux Art Gallery in Montreux, Switzerland
Sep. Art Fair Berliner Liste in Berlin, Germany
Jun. Art Fair  Selection Basel, in Basel, Switzerland
Apr. Art Fair ART BY Geneve in Basel, Switzerland
Feb. Kloster Eberbach "The Rhein" Museum Moenchsdormitorium" (2x52m) in Germany 
2009 Oct. Hotel Haus HAMMERSBACH Grainau Muenchen, Germany
2008 Oct. MARITIM Hotel Frankfurt a.M., Germany
  Jul. Orangerie Schloß Charlottenburg Berlin, Germany (2x20m) 2works
2007 Feb. Benediktushof Würzburg, Germany (2x20m work)
2006 Aug. EXPOQUEBEC Japan Pavillon (2x20m) 2works in Quebec, Canada
  Jul. Siebold Museum in Würzburg, Germany
  Jan. Espace Culturel Bertin Poiree in Paris, France
2005 Jul. KUNST IM KLINIKUM LANGENSTEINBACH E.V. in Karlsruhe, Germany
2004 Oct. COMMERZBANK in Frankfurt a.M., Germany
  Jul. Art Forum Wiesbaden 2004(Galerie WILD)in Frankfurt a.M., Germany